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We offer a wide range of services from vaccinations, routine spays and neuters and routine pet care.  Our in-house diagnostics include routine blood work, xrays and ultrasound.  Dr. White also has training in more advanced diagnostics and specialty surgery (soft tissue and orthopedics).  


Please call 406-847-8387 (VETS) or visit our Facebook page for Heron Veterinary Services. You can also email any questions to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Dr. Gilbert is also available for appointments in any species, either in the clinic or by farm call.  She works out of town several days a month, but will certainly respond to calls when home.  You can leave a message at the above phone number and she will get back with you.  Dr. Gilbert can also provide Equine Power Floats and Cattle Pregnancy Tests by Ultrasound.






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